Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Love These Blogs Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake.

This blog is filled with beautiful watercolor sketches.
She is just adorable. <3
This blog has basically anything and everything you could possibly want in a fashion blog.
Betty always looks amazing!  Although many parts of it are in French, I love this blog & it's list of web shopping.
Love, Love, LOVE her patterns.
Yay, more patterns ! (:

HELLO World .

Hi there :) My name is Melissa and I am 16 years old. I don't really have any nicknames. It's kind of unfortunate. Well, my dad has called me Pakissa which my friends seem to find hysterical, and one of my friends at rare times calls me Melvin. Anyways, I live in New York with my family and two adorable but destructive beagles.
I love to dance but that's not what this blog is about. I absolutely love fashion design. I just recently started taking sewing classes and now I can make pillows :D (Wahoo!). My current project is a pencil skirt which I can't wait to finish. Not only am I learning to sew, I have been crocheting since the 8th grade. So far, taking fashion design that year was one of the smartest decisions of my LIFE. I love everything about scarves; making them, wearing them, buying them, and finding new ways to make them. Besides the 2 stitches I learned in the 8th grade, I have pretty much been self-taught on crocheting everything else that I make--of course with the help of and some very well explained patterns.  Starting in the Spring, I'm taking classes at F.I.T., which I am really excited for :)
To be honest, I did not think it would be so easy to write two paragraphs about myself. Well, enough about me. You're probably wondering why this blog is called Dear Ella. . .™. Dear Ella. . .™ is going to be the shop I open on I plan on selling homemade scarves and assorted things. Dear Ella. . .™ is all about a little girl named Lily who writes short and sweet notes to her imaginary friend, Ella, who happens to be a charming elephant. Kind of odd but I like the idea ;)  I would LOVE it if I could expand it into a whole fashion line.  My designs vary by the kind of mood I'm in, so the line would vary in styles.

xo Melissa

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