Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Now, It's Official.

Wahoo, I got my business cards!  A while ago actually, but I forgot to post about it ;D I just blacked out my phone number because I don't random people from the internet calling me.

Oh, and if you're interested, I'm wearing: Fifi Lapin Top-Forever 21;  Silly Bandz Bracelets-My sister.  I think she got them at a card store..

Monday, March 29, 2010

"A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise."

Ahaha, I love Winnie the Pooh and when I saw this quote by A. A. Milne, I had to make it the title of this post.  It's not totally random.  I got the best workout of my life at dance today, but now I'm really sore and wiped out.  So I decided tonight was the perfect night to stay home, do this post, and start my spring break homework.  Anyways, here's a few more pages from my fashion journal:

My review on youtube it up!  Check it out here.
There were a few minor mistakes, so just to clear things up if you watch it... 
-My headbands aren't knitted, they are crocheted(I think she mistook them for the same thing, Hehe (:)
-My business does have a name, and it's Dear Ella.
-I'm not a college student.  I'm only 16 (:
Other than that, she was really sweet and straight-forward.  I can't wait to see Natasha's opinion and review!

xx, Melissa

Friday, March 26, 2010

My New Favorite Accessory

Ponytail Scarves
I bought this ponytail scarf from the Coach store in the Pier Shops at Atlantic City, last summer.  Up until about 2 weeks ago, I used it only as a headband, tied at my neck.  Then, one day instead of wearing it on my head, I decided to tie it to my simple, H+M bag.  I feel like it makes my bag look so much better.  So, finding more ponytail scarves has become my new obsession. (:  Unfortunately Coach is the only store I've found so far that has a wide selection.  I've tried using different terms like scarflettes and hair scarves, but I still haven't found a lot.  Here are a couple from Coach that I really like.

Since I love scarves, I feel like these are a great transition from Winter to Spring, for me. (:

xx, Melissa

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So.. Yea.

Hiya (:  I'm feeling a lot better since my last posts.  Here are some pictures from this past weekend:
These are from my mom's birthday party.  The weather was so nice!

I bought this dress for my N.H.S.(National Honor Society) Ceremony.  It's from Forever 21-surprise, surprise.  Haha (:  I bought it because I really like the lace and the zipper.

Hehe, my friend Tiffany gave me this rubber band bracelet.
This weekend I also started to work on my Fashion Journal.  Here are the first two pages.  I wish I had more time to work on it during the week!

& Last but not least, here is my outfit for today!
I'm wearing: Jacket-Forever 21; Top-Avon(What?! I know ;D); Jeans-The Garage; Studded Booties-Forever 21; Peace Sign Necklace-Juicy Couture; Braided Bracelet-H&M; Bow Earrings-Forever 21(Christmas Gift from my lovely cousin Sara ;))

xx, Melissa

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hihi!  I'm a little blog crazy today.  This is my third post, so far, but I just need to let everyone know about an amazing giveaway on Magpie Girl.  Click here!  She is so talented and this giveaway is really great!  Make sure you check it out <3

First Dear Ella Award!

This award goes to...drum roll please...Rose Taylor, from Chai, Love, Vintage!
Check out her blog.  Right now.  Really.  All you have to do is click her blog name.

So, yea this is going to be a new thing.  I shall award a new blogger each month ;D
If you feel you deserved this award and I didn't give it to you, your probably on my list of bloggers to award in the months to come. <3

xx, Melissa

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