Sunday, March 7, 2010

So Much to Do, So Little Time

I feel like I have a never ending To Do  list.  It's crazy.  Let's see, I have to:

1. Read a whole play for English by tomorrow.

2. Study for a math test(most likely not happening.  I think it's impossible for me to study for math)

3. Look for inspirational photos, magazine clippings, fabrics, etc for my F.I.T class (which is amazing, btw.  My professor's name is Christopher Uvenio.  He is from Italy and has worked for designers like Donna Karan and Bob Mackie.  Right now he has his own menswear line, I believe and it's sold in Europe.  He is so unbelievably creative and I am so thankful to be in his class.)

4. Post my blog award post.(Wasn't that redundant.. & I may incorporate that into this post)

5. Send out products to be reviewed by the girls I mentioned in an earlier post, on youtube.

6. Find a crochet pattern for a beanie for a one year old. (If anyone knows of any, please let me know!  I know how to make the actual hat but the sizing is throwing me off)

7. Start crocheting baby hats. (I'm making 4 for one customer, but she wants them for next winter so I've got time)

8. Finish sewing bias tape onto bolero I'm making.  (I finished this, this morning but it's been on the list for a while so I decided to write it.  It's nice seeing I have at least one thing done.)

9. Clean my room. ( This one is always temporarily leaving my list but when I start catching up on everything else, it somehow appears again.)

10. Buy makeup needed for dance competition.

11. Study for S.A.T.

12.   & I'm sure there's more that I don't even want to think about at the time being.

I'll have to post about my awards and reward other bloggers later! <3

xx, Melissa


  1. Hey :)

    ....Perhaps, show your teacher Mr. Chris, your creations instead of the girls from youtube. Being that he's already more than likely (hope I'm not assuming) well established in the field of work.......I'd say that's a TRUE blessing!!!! I say congrads and best wishes........

    Hope your weekend is NICE :)

  2. good luck with finishing your list! i always make to-do lists for myself too haha, it makes me feel more organized :)

  3. sounds like ALOT of work sweetie! i was the same last week but when its all over and done youll feel sooo relived!

    Love sammy

    thank you for the sweet comment gorgeous!

  4. Oh gosh, I have a lot to do, myself.

    I hope you finish in time!

  5. I HAVE to make lists to keep sane :)
    Good luck with reading the play! Keep sane :) <3
    Take a look at my Motel Rocks dress for sale :)

  6. Don't forget put up an outfit post! ;) Your blog is ever so cute. I adore it!


  7. whoa, you've got a lot in your hands! :D
    good luck with all of them...
    one thing i can say though, always be true to who you are...and not the inspiration you find in the web...:D
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    vanilla ice cream ♥ 
    | for the love of accessories |

  8. Good luck with getting everything done, that's a very long list!

  9. That's one long list! Good luck with that! I adore your graphic for your blog, by the way!

  10. Aw thank you!

    Yeah I'm not gonna lie, I am wearing a navy and cream striped top with anchor buttons on the shoulder right this very minute, haha. It has gone on forever...but I s'pose it's 'cause we love it! :-)

    nicola xx


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