Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some More Etsy Business

Hiya.  I feel like I've been lacking with posts lately but I've been a little busy.  This one will be pretty short.  I've decided on a foundation to donate 10% of the proceeds from my Etsy shop to.  It's the Have a Heart Children's Cancer Society.  If you are interested in making donations(other than buying from my shop, hehe) you can click here.
Today, my mom, my sister, and I went shopping and made a stop at Michael's, the craft store.I bought these adorable little satchels to send out headbands in.
I found matching ribbon, to maybe wrap around my scarves to give them some kind of pretty little packaging.  
I also ordered adorable business cards, so I am pretty excited.  I've received an order for four baby hats from a lady my aunt works with.  They're for next winter so I have quite a considerable amount of time to make them, which is pretty nice.

This is turning out to be quite a boring post but I do have one more thing to say.  Two girls, Natasha and Maddy from Youtube have contacted me asking me to send them some products to review on their website.  Here's the link to their channel.  I've started making their headbands, so keep an eye out for my review. ;D

xx, Melissa

Btw, my workshop at F.I.T. starts this Saturday!  I'm so excited ;)

Friday, February 26, 2010

New Listings!

Happy Friday!  Today was the second snow day, THIS MONTH.  We never have snow days so it's pretty exciting. ;D  
Anyway, I've recently listed three new headbands in my Etsy shop.  I plan on giving half of my profits to a charity but I just haven't picked one yet.  I would like it to be something for children with cancer.  In the 8th grade, my Fashion Design class crocheted hats for a children's hospital.  It was really nice and since I can't make over 60 hats on my own, I'd like to  help some other way.
Btw, this is Mei Mei, my sister's doll head. ;D  She got her for Christmas and did her makeup all special for this little photoshoot.

xx, Melissa

P.S. If anyone has any requests for something crocheted, let me know.  I'd be happy to make it for you.  It doesn't have to be a headband or scarf either.  I'm always looking up new patterns and finding new projects.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ilse Valfre

I'd like to introduce you to, Ilse Valfre. (:  
I recently saw her as Teen Vogue's Best Dressed Reader of the Day and when I ventured onto her website, I found these amazing illustrations. She agreed to answer a few questions.
Me: What made you start illustrating as a child?
Ilse: As a creative mind I found illustrating helped me express the way I saw thing as a child, it made things easier. 
How did you get into modeling? 
I was in the store urban outfitters shopping with my older sister, and a model scout came to me, and started offering me work at her agency. I loved it! I could be me, I could be in touch with fashion and I also met very interesting people on the way. 
You have been involved with so many different things! Illustrating, fashion design, modeling, and teaching. Do you have a favorite? 
I just couldn't choose, I find them all very fulfilling in the different aspects of my life, As I do believe we are not inspired or moved but only one thing, but we are the result of the many things that make up our lives.

We know you have many creative outlets, but where do you find the inspiration for them? Every day life, where you least expect it, inspiration comes.
How would you describe your style and how it relates to your clothing line?
For personal reasons my clothing line has been paused, I’m now focusing on my illustrations. But my fashion sense comes mostly from my father, even though I am the ultimate girly girl. 
Teen Vogue selected you as the day's best dressed reader, so I'm sure everyone would like to know, where do you do your shopping? (: 
I love thrift stores! My personal favs are Urban Outfitters, Marc by Marc Jacobs, TARGET!!!! ...I love target! I think fashion should be accessible to all! Also getting what suits you the best out of your favorite stores, no matter the price!
What is your children's series, "The Bambinis" all about? 
I love the differences within cultures around the World, I choose my personal favorites and made up adventures of their everyday life with a splash of style. When I was a teacher, my students where from different nationalities, so I took that as an guideline and developed a non fiction story of three characters who go about there lifes as three year olds. I really must thank being a teacher, all those hours observing the little ones really inspired me, and I came up with the idea of mixing up style and three year olds interacting . 
Do you have anything exciting coming up in the future? 
Yes! I modeled for The Converse add campaign, that will be coming out on summer 2010, so that’s pretty exciting! I'm also co working with a friend of mine, founder of De la Barracuda Shop, and my illustrations will be printed on clothing; stay tuned for the upcoming look book of my creations.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Lovely Lace

This is just a quick outfit post.  The pictures aren't so great but Oh well.

I'm wearing: Sweater-Forever 21, Lace Tank-Forever21, Grey Tank-Aerospostale, Skinny Jeans-H&M, Studded Ankle Booties-Forever 21, Necklace-Sister's Jewlery Box

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Break's Over..

Hellooo.  Long time no post ;D  I've been frantically catching up on my homework this weekend that I had the whole break to do.  I typically procrastinated, but now its all done!  Wahoo, happy dance!  Anywho, the Great Wolf Lodge was so cute.  I got to do a little bit of shopping while I was there, at the Crossings Outlets.  I only went to Charlotte Russe.  I got a 10% discount for having my student I.D.  I knew going to school would pay off some day (:
My mom's been really generous lately.  She offered to pay for that Urban Outfitters order and this shirt.  It was $15.  I love lace.

I decided a denim jacket is a necessity for spring and when I saw this I wondered why I don't already have one.  I would have rather had this jacket not cropped.
It was $25.
This necklace cost $20 and it turned out to be a piece of crap.  A bunch of the gemstones are loose and about to fall off.  I bought it thinking I could sew it onto a neckline on a teeshirt.  I need to whip out a glue gun and fix it before I do that.

Random fact: I start Driver's Ed this week!  Ahhhh.  My mom took me driving yesterday and when I attempted to turn, I went straight towards a street sign instead.  Of course a car shows up on the normally empty street when I almost crash and honks behind me, making me even more paranoid.  

Random Fact #2: Today, I finished my Valentine's Day chocolate with some peanut butter. Mmm. So good.
Hehe, my mom gave me, my brother, and my sister these chocolate puppies.  That's where the eyes came from.

xx, Melissa

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Wednesday

This one will be a quickie, since I have to go pack.  I'm going to the Great Wolf Lodge, tomorrow ;D   It should be fun.  We're staying over night.  For those of you who don't know, it's an indoor water park.  I get to wear my new bathing suits that I bought on clearance at the end of the summer.  
I've been shopping deprived until last Saturday, when I bought that cute blazer, if you remember.  Today I made some more purchases.  If you haven't checked out the Urban Outfitters sale, do it.  Now.  It is amazing!  Some items are up to 80% off.  I couldn't buy that much because I don't have time for a job this year D:  I've been trying to make my money last.  So, after much deliberation, I decided on two pairs of Maryjanes and a button down shirt.

I also browsed Forever 21.  I debated buying the pumps below, but they have 5" heels and I'm not sure if I could handle being 5'11".  I plan on doing some more shopping in Forever 21 but maybe when I get back from my vacation.

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Glimspe at New York Fashion Week

We had a little change of plans for the city.  My friend Marina asked me Valetine's Day morning if I wanted to go to Bryant Park, to wait outside Fashion Week. So, Marina, Tiffany, and I went for about an hour.  I coudn't believe there were girls there for almost five hours.  I'd take ay chance I could get to be near Fashion Week but is waiting around in the cold for that long worth it for just a photo?  Anyway, from this experience, I learned that I would be a terrible paparazzi.  I almost got trampled, waiting patiently for a picture, which as the as the last one shows, weren't great in quality.    I felt really bad for the celebrities who were attacked by the paparazzi.  There really wasn't good security because people were coming and going from all directions. 
Can someone please tell me who that man is in the second picture?  Because he was the funniest person I've ever "met".  He may have been a little intimidating at first but when he started posing awkwardly for photos, he was somewhat charming. I was told that he's called the Doctor of Fashion.
If you look very closely, you might be able to see Whitney Port in the cab. ;D  We were on the opposite side of the street and kind of dissappointed that we missed her.  But, I think I'll live. Hehe
Selita Ebanks looked gorgeous, and Marina got a photo with her.  She didn't even know who she was when she asked for a picture too.  Haha.
I was debating whether or not to post the last picture becase it's so blurry.  We were about to leave and then Alexis Dziena showed up.  I wasn't exactly prepared.  It was adorable when she agreed to be someone in the crowd's Valentine.
It's amazing how many stylish people this single event gathers together.  There were a lot of people  was tempted to take pictures of because of their outfits but I felt a little weird doing so.  Maybe next time I won't be so hesitant and I'll post some street styles I like. (:
I've seen other bloggers post pictures of the amazing meals they ate at restaurants but I'm going to refrain from doing that since I had two cheese slices of pizza and Nestea.  Not exactly exciting.  The little cafe we went to was cute and inexpensive. It may have been called Divine Treats.  I can't remember.
After eating, we walked to Park Avenue, passing the Museum of Sex along the way.  We wanted to see the Hotel Giraffe, which I recently discovered.  Tiffany's favorite animal is a giraffe so we had to see it.  It was really nice, but so quiet.  After that, we walked around the F.I.T. campus.  By then, everything was closed.  After a quick stop at Starbucks, we went home, met up with our friend Jamie, and went to go see Valentine's Day.  It was really sweet and I loved it. It was sold out when we got there and Tiffany and I almost didn't get into the theater because afer Marina and Jamie ran in, we were asked for our tickets.  We eventually got in but had to sit on the floor. :O  So gross, but the movie was good so I guess you could say it was worth it. 

My Valentine's Day turned out pretty well.  How was yours? :)

xx, Melissa

Saturday, February 13, 2010

What a Life

Hi, bloggers.  So, tonight's pretty boring, considering I'm sitting at home.  It's not too depressing though because I just purchased this vintage blazer, on Etsy.  It's from one of my favorite  shops on there, Billie Goat Vintage.   Can you believe this was only $33?  Most blazers I find, vintage or not, are no less than $50.

This is my fourth post in about two days.  Pretty crazy, I know.  I actually don't like posting so much at one time because its just too much to handle, but I've made quite a few discoveries this weekend.  Speaking of discoveries..Is this bedazzled bra not the funniest article of clothing you've ever seen?

This is definitely not something I plan on adding to my wardrobe any time soon.  Apparently its lingerie and it sells for $53 on  It's a bit freaky for my taste, even if I had a reason to wear lingerie.

Anyways, I'm going shopping in the city tomorrow, which should be fun.  I want to visit the F.I.T Style Shop, that sells the students' work.  I'm going with my friend Tiffany, since her boyfriend has a hockey game so she won't be seeing him on Valentine's Day.  (She's cooking for him tonight.   So cute!)  If we get home early enough, I want to go see the movie Valentine's Day.  It looks adorable.  Our friend Jamie will probably come with us.  I'm happy I'm going out instead of being home. On Valentine's Day. Thinking about how I don't have a Valentine.  Hehe.

So, that's enough for tonight.  Expect some photos tomorrow, possibly? ;)

xo, Melissa

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Friday, February 12, 2010

My Current Craving

Get ready for a long picture post..

Anna Sui

Alexander McQueen

Cynthia Rowley

Off the Runway
Forever 21

Marina Makaron Moscow

Urban Outfitters

There are SO many possibilities when it comes to bold and colorful prints.  I am IN LOVE with Anna Sui's Spring line.  It's so vibrant and young.  I wanted to post every piece in the collection here, but eleven will do.    One of my favorites was the opened, patterned dress.  Another was the blue jacket and skirt with white appliques and amazing gladiator sandals.

Ah, Alexander McQueen.  His death is such a tragedy.  Just look at his Spring collection!  I adore the abstract patterns.  I especially loved the asymmetrical piece.  It really makes you look twice.  The last royal blue piece is ethereal. (<--One of my vocabulary words, for English. ;D)

 I know I've been going on about how much I love color and vibrancy but, I do like the subtlety of Cynthia Rowley's collection.   The purple tones are really nice.  I'm also a fan of jumpsuits.  I find her take interesting.

I found the top from Forever 21 in the boutique section.  There were other variations of the pattern, as well. 
 I learned about Marina Makaron Moscow from another blogger, Marjorie.  Here's the link to her blog:

Shine By Three  There you can find an interview with the designer.

Anyway, the patterns Marina Makaron designs are absolutely beautiful.  The bow at the top is also one of her designs.

Urban Outfitters never lets me down. (:  I love the geometric print on the first one and as for the second one, I've always been a fan of florals.

xo, Melissa

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