Monday, February 15, 2010

My Glimspe at New York Fashion Week

We had a little change of plans for the city.  My friend Marina asked me Valetine's Day morning if I wanted to go to Bryant Park, to wait outside Fashion Week. So, Marina, Tiffany, and I went for about an hour.  I coudn't believe there were girls there for almost five hours.  I'd take ay chance I could get to be near Fashion Week but is waiting around in the cold for that long worth it for just a photo?  Anyway, from this experience, I learned that I would be a terrible paparazzi.  I almost got trampled, waiting patiently for a picture, which as the as the last one shows, weren't great in quality.    I felt really bad for the celebrities who were attacked by the paparazzi.  There really wasn't good security because people were coming and going from all directions. 
Can someone please tell me who that man is in the second picture?  Because he was the funniest person I've ever "met".  He may have been a little intimidating at first but when he started posing awkwardly for photos, he was somewhat charming. I was told that he's called the Doctor of Fashion.
If you look very closely, you might be able to see Whitney Port in the cab. ;D  We were on the opposite side of the street and kind of dissappointed that we missed her.  But, I think I'll live. Hehe
Selita Ebanks looked gorgeous, and Marina got a photo with her.  She didn't even know who she was when she asked for a picture too.  Haha.
I was debating whether or not to post the last picture becase it's so blurry.  We were about to leave and then Alexis Dziena showed up.  I wasn't exactly prepared.  It was adorable when she agreed to be someone in the crowd's Valentine.
It's amazing how many stylish people this single event gathers together.  There were a lot of people  was tempted to take pictures of because of their outfits but I felt a little weird doing so.  Maybe next time I won't be so hesitant and I'll post some street styles I like. (:
I've seen other bloggers post pictures of the amazing meals they ate at restaurants but I'm going to refrain from doing that since I had two cheese slices of pizza and Nestea.  Not exactly exciting.  The little cafe we went to was cute and inexpensive. It may have been called Divine Treats.  I can't remember.
After eating, we walked to Park Avenue, passing the Museum of Sex along the way.  We wanted to see the Hotel Giraffe, which I recently discovered.  Tiffany's favorite animal is a giraffe so we had to see it.  It was really nice, but so quiet.  After that, we walked around the F.I.T. campus.  By then, everything was closed.  After a quick stop at Starbucks, we went home, met up with our friend Jamie, and went to go see Valentine's Day.  It was really sweet and I loved it. It was sold out when we got there and Tiffany and I almost didn't get into the theater because afer Marina and Jamie ran in, we were asked for our tickets.  We eventually got in but had to sit on the floor. :O  So gross, but the movie was good so I guess you could say it was worth it. 

My Valentine's Day turned out pretty well.  How was yours? :)

xx, Melissa


  1. mine was rubbish! i made such an effort with my boyfriend, with ballons filled with notes, heart shaped pancakes and a roast dinner...pffft men!

    loving the blog! im following :)

    want to exchange links?


  2. Who the Hell is this man? (Doctor of Love?)
    Sounds like you had an exciting day. Cool pictures.

  3. I love your blog layout! It's so cool that you go to go to NYFW! Hopefully I will get to go one of these years.

  4. hey, thanks for putting up my link on your blog! *it's an honor*..:D

    i'm following you too...
    so glad to know you've been to NYFW! me jealous!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  5. Ahh! That's fantastic that you got a little peek at fashion week. And DAMN there were girls waiting there for FIVE hours? Craaaazy.

  6. Great pictures! Great that you got a sneak peak of fashion week, I'm very jealous! (:

  7. I really like your photos. I would love to go to New York fashion week once and make all these streetstyle photos.
    I visited your blog right before I went to sleep and I actually dreamed about it... It was kind of weird.
    And I'd like to exchange links, usually I don't exchange links, but I'll make an exception for you ;)

  8. thats cool i wish to be in newyork

  9. Wauw, this is amazing!
    I love your blog!

  10. omg this sounds like the most amazing time ever especially considering it was a last minute plan :) thanks for following too! on the way to 100 :)

  11. it sound like you had so much fun! thanks for becoming one of muy little fashion gods! your link will be on my blogroll asap!

    have a great evening!

  12. that red plaid gentleman is awesome :)


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