Sunday, February 21, 2010

Break's Over..

Hellooo.  Long time no post ;D  I've been frantically catching up on my homework this weekend that I had the whole break to do.  I typically procrastinated, but now its all done!  Wahoo, happy dance!  Anywho, the Great Wolf Lodge was so cute.  I got to do a little bit of shopping while I was there, at the Crossings Outlets.  I only went to Charlotte Russe.  I got a 10% discount for having my student I.D.  I knew going to school would pay off some day (:
My mom's been really generous lately.  She offered to pay for that Urban Outfitters order and this shirt.  It was $15.  I love lace.

I decided a denim jacket is a necessity for spring and when I saw this I wondered why I don't already have one.  I would have rather had this jacket not cropped.
It was $25.
This necklace cost $20 and it turned out to be a piece of crap.  A bunch of the gemstones are loose and about to fall off.  I bought it thinking I could sew it onto a neckline on a teeshirt.  I need to whip out a glue gun and fix it before I do that.

Random fact: I start Driver's Ed this week!  Ahhhh.  My mom took me driving yesterday and when I attempted to turn, I went straight towards a street sign instead.  Of course a car shows up on the normally empty street when I almost crash and honks behind me, making me even more paranoid.  

Random Fact #2: Today, I finished my Valentine's Day chocolate with some peanut butter. Mmm. So good.
Hehe, my mom gave me, my brother, and my sister these chocolate puppies.  That's where the eyes came from.

xx, Melissa


  1. ah! I love that necklace!

    lovelove, M.

  2. That lace top is beautiful! See, being a student pays off.. hahah yesss to 10% discounts!

  3. Gorgeous new clothes, that lace top is so on trend and pretty :)
    And of course that denim jacket is amazing too ;)

  4. i start drivers ed soon too! love the blog, i hope you check mine out

  5. the necklace is gorgeous...denim jacket too!! i love it!


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