Saturday, February 13, 2010

What a Life

Hi, bloggers.  So, tonight's pretty boring, considering I'm sitting at home.  It's not too depressing though because I just purchased this vintage blazer, on Etsy.  It's from one of my favorite  shops on there, Billie Goat Vintage.   Can you believe this was only $33?  Most blazers I find, vintage or not, are no less than $50.

This is my fourth post in about two days.  Pretty crazy, I know.  I actually don't like posting so much at one time because its just too much to handle, but I've made quite a few discoveries this weekend.  Speaking of discoveries..Is this bedazzled bra not the funniest article of clothing you've ever seen?

This is definitely not something I plan on adding to my wardrobe any time soon.  Apparently its lingerie and it sells for $53 on  It's a bit freaky for my taste, even if I had a reason to wear lingerie.

Anyways, I'm going shopping in the city tomorrow, which should be fun.  I want to visit the F.I.T Style Shop, that sells the students' work.  I'm going with my friend Tiffany, since her boyfriend has a hockey game so she won't be seeing him on Valentine's Day.  (She's cooking for him tonight.   So cute!)  If we get home early enough, I want to go see the movie Valentine's Day.  It looks adorable.  Our friend Jamie will probably come with us.  I'm happy I'm going out instead of being home. On Valentine's Day. Thinking about how I don't have a Valentine.  Hehe.

So, that's enough for tonight.  Expect some photos tomorrow, possibly? ;)

xo, Melissa


  1. u wont believe that my blazer is $3 but it second hand.. haha..
    i ove the sequin skirt and the last pic is soo funny..

  2. cute post, and happy valentine for you.

  3. great find on the blazer!
    and yes, that bra is hilarious! not sexy at all...hehe.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  4. wow love the blazer! and funny bra ;D

  5. funny lingerie! though i wouldn't mind wearing it for an oddly themed party.
    thanks for dropping by on blog!

  6. I have no technical need for that crazy bra... but I want it!

  7. Hey! You blog is so cute! I subscribed!

    sub to mine?

    p.s. the lingerie is hilarious!!


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