Friday, February 12, 2010

My Current Craving

Get ready for a long picture post..

Anna Sui

Alexander McQueen

Cynthia Rowley

Off the Runway
Forever 21

Marina Makaron Moscow

Urban Outfitters

There are SO many possibilities when it comes to bold and colorful prints.  I am IN LOVE with Anna Sui's Spring line.  It's so vibrant and young.  I wanted to post every piece in the collection here, but eleven will do.    One of my favorites was the opened, patterned dress.  Another was the blue jacket and skirt with white appliques and amazing gladiator sandals.

Ah, Alexander McQueen.  His death is such a tragedy.  Just look at his Spring collection!  I adore the abstract patterns.  I especially loved the asymmetrical piece.  It really makes you look twice.  The last royal blue piece is ethereal. (<--One of my vocabulary words, for English. ;D)

 I know I've been going on about how much I love color and vibrancy but, I do like the subtlety of Cynthia Rowley's collection.   The purple tones are really nice.  I'm also a fan of jumpsuits.  I find her take interesting.

I found the top from Forever 21 in the boutique section.  There were other variations of the pattern, as well. 
 I learned about Marina Makaron Moscow from another blogger, Marjorie.  Here's the link to her blog:

Shine By Three  There you can find an interview with the designer.

Anyway, the patterns Marina Makaron designs are absolutely beautiful.  The bow at the top is also one of her designs.

Urban Outfitters never lets me down. (:  I love the geometric print on the first one and as for the second one, I've always been a fan of florals.

xo, Melissa


  1. Thanks for the comment i love the bow in the top and the Anna Sui collection is to die for. I also share your sadness with you, Alexander McQueen was such a genius that he will be missed forever in the fashion world.

  2. florals make me happy, can't get enough of them :)


  3. Urban outfitters seriously never is a let down-one of my favorite spots!!

    Lovely blog, truly! And how amazing is your template!

    Cheers, Jesa

  4. Hey Melissa!

    I love the flower collection
    and like Jesa said: urban outfitters always has flowery clothes which makes your outfit dreamy and girly

    Please check out my blog about fashion and lifestyle!

    Thank you!!

    X L

  5. really nice collection!
    im loving it

    check out my blog:


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