Friday, March 26, 2010

My New Favorite Accessory

Ponytail Scarves
I bought this ponytail scarf from the Coach store in the Pier Shops at Atlantic City, last summer.  Up until about 2 weeks ago, I used it only as a headband, tied at my neck.  Then, one day instead of wearing it on my head, I decided to tie it to my simple, H+M bag.  I feel like it makes my bag look so much better.  So, finding more ponytail scarves has become my new obsession. (:  Unfortunately Coach is the only store I've found so far that has a wide selection.  I've tried using different terms like scarflettes and hair scarves, but I still haven't found a lot.  Here are a couple from Coach that I really like.

Since I love scarves, I feel like these are a great transition from Winter to Spring, for me. (:

xx, Melissa


  1. they definitely dress up your bag! very nice :)

  2. Hey Ella :)

    Unique! I like it alot, cute bag as well. Your new blog template is PRETTY!!! Have a fab weekend :)

  3. cute idea. they kinda remind me of ties, maybe search silk ties??

  4. i always love tying scarves to my bag to give life to them..i guess i can't live without accessories..tiheee..hehe.

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  5. I agree, adding scarves to a bag is super cute!

  6. Agree!! This is such an amazing idea!!

  7. wow theyre cute, must buy one sometime ;)


  8. these are so cute!

    lovelove, M.

  9. ooh la la I fancy that!
    I saw some ponytail scarves at target dear. You should go check out your closest one. :}

  10. love the second scarf with the pop art writing all over it!! Im feeling scarfs at the minute too althou im very fussy about the length! they have to be looooong! lol
    vicki x

  11. Adorable blog :)


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