Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ice Cream makes everything better.

Hey.  I would've posted this yesterday but I felt so sick.  I have a sore throat, which besides the loss of my voice and burning in my throat, is the best type of sick to be, in my opinion.  It gives me an excuse to eat ice cream all day.  Other than that, I was pretty bored.
My boredom led to the creation of my own youtube channel, which I will most likely never use again, considering the time it takes up.  Like I'm not busy enough already.  BUT...if you want to see the one video I've uploaded,  Click right here.  You'll probably be bored with it unless you're interested in learning how to crochet, Hehe.

So, tomorrow is not only St.Patrick's Day, but it's my mom's birthday, her 40th, nonetheless.  And....I haven't gotten her a gift yet D:  As a last minute thing, I made her a bookmark, this morning.  It will buy me some time to get her something before this weekend when we have her party!

I raided my mom's jewelry box the other day and I found some interesting vintage pieces. (Sorry the lighting in these photos isn't very good.)
^These are my favorite (:
I was really upset when I realized this ring didn't fit me.
I love these earrings.  They aren't vintage though.  My mom has only had them for a couple years and she wears them to weddings.
I feel like I had something else to say... but I can't remember, which isn't really surprising.  Haha (:

xx, Melissa


  1. gorgeous earrings and love the ice cream, especially cookie dough!
    lovely post, love your blog!


  2. wonderful vintage jewelry!


  3. mm i'm craving ice cream now. haagen dazs is SO GOOD! cute jewellery too :)

  4. Cool earrings!

    Raiding my mom's closet has become my new form of shopping. I've found so many great pieces, jewelry, belts, its so much fun!

    check out my blog: asquaredplusm.blogspot.com

  5. have you had vegan ice cream? it's absolutely amazing, try it!!! :)

    xoxo, rose.

  6. oh my gosh,with a ring that cute, I would be upset that it wouldnt fit either!

  7. Gorgeous!!!

    really :)




    X L

  8. so true! I had ben&jerry's ice cream yesterday! love it!
    check out my blog, leave a comment :)


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