Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Dear Ella Award!

This award goes to...drum roll please...Rose Taylor, from Chai, Love, Vintage!
Check out her blog.  Right now.  Really.  All you have to do is click her blog name.

So, yea this is going to be a new thing.  I shall award a new blogger each month ;D
If you feel you deserved this award and I didn't give it to you, your probably on my list of bloggers to award in the months to come. <3

xx, Melissa


  1. you are so sweet!!! :) thank you so much, i was thrilled to see my name on your blog! this coming from you is such an honor.

    i gave you a much deserved shout out in my latest post. :)

    xoxo, rose.

  2. lovely award, i'm sure the winners will appreciate it!
    the shirt is from next. they advertise on my blog, check them out, there amazing!
    also thankyou for the comment on my blog sweetie :)

  3. Hey Melissa!
    Now, this is a CUTE award!! I LOVE when bloggers create award...I even enjoy creating a few myself. I checked her out....cute :) Have a groovy day :)

    btw, lovin' the new template :)

  4. love her blog :) good choice!
    got a great make up GIVEAWAY on my blog,check it out if uve time you can win lipgloss, nail polish, eyeshadow and more!!
    vicki xo

  5. love the graphic on the award. cool idea.

    visit, leave your mark, follow?

  6. aww I love blogger to blogger support...btw I love your banner...your page looks great!

  7. i love this. very cute design. i follow you now; feel free to follow me.


  8. awww...beautiful! This is sweet! Congrats Rose ...will check out the blog. You have great content on here hun!!! I will be coming back!
    check out my blog and please give me a follow whenever you get the chance to...


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