Sunday, January 17, 2010


Ohmygosh, I found this vintage sweater on Etsy the day after Christmas and I've wanted it so badly since then!  Unfortunately, I spent all of my money on Christmas gifts and I don't have much time this year to get a job D:  Surprisingly, no one has bought it yet.  If someone does end up buying it before I get the money for it, I was wondering if I could just personalize a sweater myself to look like this.  I could most likely find a simple sweater and maybe sew some sequins and tiny embellishments onto it?  I'll have to ask Linda, my sewing teacher ;)  If it's possible, this will be my next project.  

Speaking of Etsy, tonight, during Desperate Housewives(one of my favorite shows), I'm going to finish sewing my appliques onto the collection of scarves I've finished.  Then, I can open a store on Etsy. :D  If people like them and buy them, maybe I won't have to personalize a sweater...but I kind of like the idea of doing it myself now.  Anyways, this is one scarf I have finished.  I've made three small flower appliques and added them to the bottom.


  1. that IS a really cute sweater! and i like your scarves a lot. I would say as long as they aren't itchy and reasonably priced :)

  2. I really appreciate that! And they are definitely not itchy. The first scarf I made was so itchy, I couldn't wear it. Now I pick out the yarn very carefully. Hehe (:


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