Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Friday ♥ + 50th Post

Hi! (: New Etsy Listings:
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& For my outfit of the day, I went to my dance teacher's house for lunch with some girls from dance.  Two of them graduated already and one of them doesn't dance anymore because of school and lacrosse.  It was fun (:  We painted Easter eggs, Haha & ate.. A lot.

I'm wearing: Top cinched at the waist-Forever 21; Striped tank-Forever 21; Teal Tank-Kohl's; Ripped Jeans-Delia's; Cotton Mary Janes-Urban Outfitters
(Sorry about the yellowish tint on some of them.  Haha, we were playing around with the accent effect on my camera)

I don't have my F.I.T. class tomorrow but I'm going to the city anyway with Tiffany(She's the tan one in the last picture :))  & I'm craving Mizu!  I haven't been there in ages.  They have amazing fried ice cream.  I hope we go there tomorrow night..
Haha, this is a pretty random 50th post. ;D

xx, Melissa


  1. Wow! Those eggs are so cute. I haven't made easter eggs in FOREVER!

  2. cute outfit - and those easter eggs look soo adorable.

  3. love the torn jeans...i don't think i can pull it off rocked it!

    and oh, i wish we paint eggs here...we have a diff easter tradition but it's still fun too.hehe

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  4. congrats on your 50th post!!

  5. I sooo wish I had your shoes. they're happy shoes. ;D

    + Your hair thingys, are adorable! sucks to be skint.

  6. i really adore your shoes and your hair ;) congratulations on your 50th post!
    sophie x

  7. Those floral fabric maryjanes are super cute... and what a fun egg color gathering you and your friends had. I can't wait to color some eggs with my hubby. He's not really into it, but is a great sport at patronizing me. :)

    Take care!

    xx Love & Aloha

  8. I haven't painted eggs in agess - I'm definatly painting some now. Congrats on your 5oth post.
    Molly x

  9. You are so talented. Beautiful creations with the flowers. Nice rocks too. Have a happy holiday!

  10. sorry..those were eggs..weren't they. Stay creative!

  11. wow cute shoes!

  12. OMG ..finally I see somebody who also decorate eggs ..I 'm happy there is people like that outside : ))) there is not just chocolate eggs but real ones made me smile with this post : )))


  13. I've fallen in love with your shoes! Wow, looks like you are having a great time, joining in with the Easter activities! I'm becoming a follower.. if you have time, check my blog out.. it would be much appreciated! I would love extra comments and even suggestive posts!
    Happy Easter, doll!
    Love Izzy. x

  14. Cool photos. I haven't painted Easter eggs in ages! Looks like fun :)

  15. Everything looks so cute and Easter-like! Love your jeans

  16. Aww... how fun. Cute crochet!

    Found you on my friend's blog. Thought I'd come check you out. I'm following you now!!!

    You should come check out my new GIVEAWAY. :)


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